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Waking up with flawless skin is not effortless: for most of us, it takes some dedication. But, maintaining beautiful skin should not be overly complicated.

If you’re overwhelmed by multi-step routines or confused about which products to use, we encourage you to take a step back and Kondo your skincare. Small, simple changes can have a noticeable impact on how your skin looks and feels.

While there’s no substitute for an in-person consultation when it comes to skin health, the expert aestheticians and medical team at Kalos Medical Spa have some tips that can benefit most everyone. Here are their best skincare secrets:

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stunner)

Avoid going overboard with a complex skincare routine. While multi-step routines may seem luxurious, how likely are you to consistently follow through if you have to go through 15 steps every night before crawling into bed?

While we’re all for a quality pamper sesh, your skin does not need excessive products to thrive. Focus on key products and make sure your routine requires little enough of your time that you’ll be sure to stick with it. That can be different from person to person. Some of us will happily devote half an hour each day to skincare, while others cap it at five minutes.

One of the best ways to use fewer products while still getting results is to meet with an experienced, licensed aesthetician and switch to quality, medical-grade products. You’ll walk away with a routine that is matched to your unique concerns and you will get better results than with drugstore counterparts (which have very low levels of active ingredients and imperfect packaging to maintain the integrity of key ingredients).

2. Cool things down

Climbing into a nice, hot shower can be relaxing, but it can wreak havoc on your skin—from head to toe. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils that protect and moisturize, leaving your skin feeling dry, irritated, and ill-equipped to handle environmental factors.

Instead of hopping under scorching hot water, try warming yourself up before getting in the shower with a light workout, so you can keep the water temperature down. If you simply need your daily steamy wash, try avoiding the sensitive skin of your face with the uber-hot water.

3. Ditch the disposable face wipes

Are face wipes bad for your skin? Yes and no. Face wipes are effective in a pinch to remove dirt and makeup—and opting for a face wipe on occasion isn’t going to ruin your skin, but it will definitely take a toll if it’s your daily go-to. Instead, use water and a proper facial cleanser, which will help your skin stay healthier in the long run.

Did you know that face wipes are also an environmental concern? Most popular brands are not biodegradable, so they end up taking up space in landfills—or wreaking havoc on sewer systems if flushed. They also typically contain plastic fibers that can leach into water sources and oceans, causing ecological damage.

Why does it matter? To be effective, pre-wetted makeup remover wipes tend to include harsh ingredients that can irritate your skin. Additionally, they may not actually remove all traces of makeup. Scrubbing your skin with a cloth can also be physically damaging to the skin.

If you can’t wash your face while traveling or simply need a convenient option for late nights, we’ve found that the combination of micellar water and cloth-based makeup removing pads can outperform wipes in terms of safety and efficacy (without all the downsides).

4. Exfoliate

We’ve all heard of the importance of exfoliation, but the problem is that many people do it incorrectly—or skip it altogether. But it’s worth getting right: regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, clears pores, and helps your skin glow. It also helps with product absorption.

People with normal skin should be performing gentle at-home exfoliation once or twice a week, either with an aesthetician-approved exfoliating product or with a face brush for mechanical pressure. Ideally, you should also have professional medical spa exfoliating treatments at regular intervals.

The trick is getting it right. Many common OTC products sound like a good idea, but can easily damage your skin. Additionally, those with sensitive skin should follow a very different exfoliation protocol than someone with oily skin. Come in for a consultation with one of our Fort Worth aestheticians and we can show you the best options for your skin type.

5. Hydrate inside & out

One of the easiest ways to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle on hand so you can sip no matter where you are. To combat the summer Texas air, you can also include an oil-based serum in your skincare routine. The right serum will help your skin cells retain moisture, while providing essential nutrients without leaving a greasy shine.

Another option we recommend highly is having a monthly HydraFacial MD. It is customized to your skin type and to seasonal needs, and, here at Kalos, you can get medical-grade HydraFacial boosters such as Rozatrol (for rosacea) or BrightAlive (for irregular pigmentation) Boost.

6. Cleanliness beyond washing your face

Remember to regularly clean your makeup brushes or any other tools that routinely touch your face, including sponges, face brushes, and tweezers. You can buy cleanser specifically made for makeup brushes (or use a few drops of dish soap) and wash them in warm water, letting them dry in a sunny spot. Metal or silicone tools can go in the dishwasher or be dropped in boiling water.

You’ll also want to remember to regularly change out your face towels and pillowcases. That’s because, even if you wash your face right before bed, you will inevitably transfer some sweat, skin products, and bacteria onto your pillowcase overnight—and then reintroduce that bacteria back onto your freshly washed face when you lay down on other nights.

Let us come to your skin’s rescue

Simplifying your skincare routine and working smarter, not harder, can have lasting positive effects on your skin. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Emily Kirby and our expert skincare team at Kalos Medical Spa would love to work with you to create an effective routine and to boost your skin’s health and appearance with targeted treatments. Start making beneficial changes today that your skin will thank you for later. What makes you radiant?