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Man Enjoys Smooth Hairless Skin Following Laser Hair Removal

Are you thinking about getting rid of excess body hair? While there is nothing wrong with a little natural scruffiness, some men find that body hair grows in inconvenient areas. Plus, excessively thick hair can cause discomfort during athletic activities or make you feel uncomfortable at the pool and the beach.

Removing unwanted hair with laser hair removal can make your life easier: compared with shaving, trimming, or waxing, many feel that laser treatment is the most convenient option. Treatment is easy to tolerate, customizable, and completely worth being free from unwanted hair. Here are 7 common reasons you may benefit from choosing laser treatment for hair reduction.

1. Laser hair removal will save you time and effort.

Laser hair removal can eliminate your shaving, trimming, or waxing routine forever. We perform your treatments at Kalos Medical Spa, and there is zero home maintenance required of you. The laser feels like a brief snapping against your skin—far more tolerable than waxing. And, unlike shaving, which can leave you with ingrown hairs, painful irritation, or breakouts, any side effects of laser hair removal tend to resolve within a few hours.

2. Lasers can reduce friction caused by excess hair.

Whether you are an athlete and eager to get rid of hair for performance reasons, or you have an area that becomes irritated due to everyday friction, laser hair removal treats the source of the problem. A series of treatments fully removes the hair at the follicle, freeing you to focus on living your life (minus the time-consuming grooming routine).

3. Getting rid of body hair will help you feel cooler.

Is body hair raising your temperature? If you run hot naturally, or if you spend time working or playing outdoors, reducing body hair can help you feel more comfortable and allow your sweat-wicking gear to do its job.

4. Hair removal can help you feel confident at the pool.

Whether you are annoyed by an extra patch of lower back hair or uneven growth, we can help you smooth it out so that you feel confident and well-groomed at the pool or the beach.

5. The level of hair removal is customizable.

While you may be picturing silky-smooth, hairless skin, laser hair removal is often used to simply reduce the thickness of men’s body hair. Since lasers naturally require multiple treatments (usually around 4-7 due to your hair’s growth cycles), you can stop treatment when you reach the right level of hair reduction. This is a typical way to treat areas like the chest, where many men want to retain just enough hair to continue looking masculine.

6. No more snagging during massages or foam rolling.

Athletes, especially, tend to find that their hair gets in the way—catches or tugs—during activities like foam rolling or getting a massage. While excess hair on the back (hypertrichosis) is a common concern, we can personalize your treatment area(s) based on where you experience discomfort.

7. Clean up hair in weird areas.

Laser hair removal can be customized and used just about anywhere on the body you experience inconvenient hair growth. We have used lasers to:

  • Take care of a unibrow
  • Remove unruly hair in the ear area
  • Get rid of pesky nose hair
  • Smooth the shoulders
  • Smooth out male pattern balding by treating uneven patches of hair
  • Remove excess hair on the toes or knuckles
  • Smooth it out “down there”

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Lasers have numerous benefits, but these powerful instruments should only be used by highly-trained medical professionals. For treatment that is both effective and properly calibrated to your skin and hair type, find a laser professional offering treatment under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

At Kalos Medical Spa, all laser treatments are administered by skilled laser professionals working under the direction of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Emily Kirby. When you are ready to finally get rid of unwanted hair, call us at 817-292-4200 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your laser hair removal consultation.