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Fort Worth woman decluttering and cleaning her home

Spring in Fort Worth means longer days, warmer weather, and bluebonnets blooming. It is also the perfect season to give your home a refresh! Because our homes are extensions of ourselves and affect our overall wellness, a deep clean can rejuvenate your living space and refresh your spirit. Here, we explore the benefits of spring cleaning and provide practical tips to make the process a breeze!

The benefits of spring cleaning

Decluttering and cleaning not only makes your home Instagram-worthy; a clean and organized space provides numerous benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Here are some perks of spring cleaning:

  1. A clutter-free environment reduces stress. Clearing away unused or unnecessary items from your living space may help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.
  2. Cleanliness improves air quality. Dust and allergens accumulate in your home over time. Spring cleaning addresses these issues and improves the air quality in your home.
  3. Fewer distractions increases productivity. When your surroundings are free of distractions, you can focus better on tasks and projects, achieving more in less time.
  4. Reorganizing provides a mental and emotional reset. Decluttering and reorganizing freshens your environment, leading to a more clear state of mind that can increase motivation, creativity, and overall well-being.
  5. Decluttering offers a chance to reprioritize your values. Spring cleaning is a symbolic act of self-renewal; it can even extend beyond your environment into lifestyle and spending habits. Your efforts may help you clarify your values and understand what financial expenditures and parts of your routine are serving you, and what habits you wish to change. 
  6. Reducing clutter may support better eating habits. Did you know that a chaotic kitchen may cause you to consume more snacks? Additionally, a pantry clean-out will provide an opportunity to make changes in the food you keep on hand and swap in healthier choices.

We hope the potential perks of spring cleaning inspire you to take on a seasonal refresh! Now, we share our favorite tips for getting the job done.

A clean and organized space provides numerous benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Our favorite spring cleaning tips

Sunny skies and longer days offer fresh energy as well as more daylight hours to tackle house and self improvement projects. Still, it helps to have a plan.

Operate according to a plan

Spring cleaning can be a herculean endeavor, so, before you dive into projects, it is best to think ahead. Following are important steps and preparations to consider.

Set realistic goals, breaking the process into smaller tasks over several days or weekends. It may help to list the tasks you want to accomplish and estimate when you can best undertake each project. For example, cleaning the garage might be best planned on a weekend where your spouse and/or children are home to help review choices and tackle chores (or vice versa, if you prefer them to be out of the way!). 

Gather supplies beforehand to minimize interruptions. You may wish to have microfiber dust cloths, cleaning solutions, rubber gloves, garbage bags, storage containers, and boxes in to collect donatable items, etc.

Start with one room at a time; this will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain your motivation. Alternatively, declutter by theme, such as clothing, books, papers, toys, or sentimental items. Whichever way you approach decluttering, the sense of accomplishment derived from thoroughly cleaning out a particular space or type of possession will provide more motivation to complete additional tasks.

Make assessments of what you need. As Autumn McCarthy advocates, you should ask yourself, “what’s more important, the item or the space?” If something does not get regular use or bring you joy, then set it aside to donate or discard. These are not the only options; you may get creative in this step. For example, consider cutting a beloved piece of clothing into patchwork quilt material, or take photos of sentimental items as a record if it allows you to more easily let them go.

When appropriate, make spring cleaning a family affair; assign age-appropriate tasks to each household member to lighten the workload and foster a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Plan ahead for taking donations to local charities and putting unusable items out for trash collection. It is a good idea to look into organizations which are seeking items you have to donate (we include a list in the following section). For large/bulk trash, check the City of Fort Worth’s website for your area’s bulk trash pickup schedule.

Set up supportive spaces

A tidy home is not a function of decluttering alone; you need systems to keep clutter from reemerging and hampering your daily life. To begin, notice which areas of your home help or hurt when it comes to tidiness. 

One important tactic is to adjust high-traffic areas to improve functionality and flow. Examples include:

  • Create an entryway “drop zone” to ensure items you need coming or going from home will be right where you need them as you rush out the door
  • Make use of divided containers for small items on vanities, desks, and other spots where they tend to collect
  • Set up a coffee & tea station in your kitchen to make mornings easier
  • Make use of shallow containers to logically organize your pantry and other cupboards and closets
  • Remove distractions from bedside tables to facilitate good sleep hygiene
  • Find ways to apply organization in your vehicle, ensuring items that drivers or passengers tend to need are in easy reach
  • Organize items to be visually appealing and minimize physical clutter (i.e., no crowding, stacking, or stuffing)
  • Use wall space or hanging space to limit surface clutter; adding hooks and wall-mounted containers can be especially helpful in small spaces
  • Ensure everything has a dedicated place or zone and return it after use. 

The overall goal is to keep surfaces clear to create optimal energetic flow that supports your needs and daily activities.

Don’t forget to tidy your time & habits

Most of us are inclined to focus on streamlining spaces and possessions, but what about decluttering your schedule? Here are some supportive ideas to consider.

  • To simplify your life, allow for quiet time, and increase predictability in your day; weed out calendar items and obligations that bring you more stress than satisfaction. (The time you free up may allow room for more self-care, such as a weekly yoga session or a monthly Hydrafacial
  • Do a digital declutter, removing unused apps, clearing out your inbox, and deleting old files (after making a virtual backup) to streamline your devices.
  • If housework is something you would rather avoid, consider investing in a decluttering and/or regular cleaning service. (We list some of our favorite local services in the next section!)

Get help if you need it!

If you dread tidying, or are short on time, consider hiring help. Many companies offer customizable services so you can focus on the tasks that you actually enjoy, or just sit back and relax in the beautiful spring weather!

Note that it is best to edit first, then organize, then maintain, so we recommend hiring an ongoing cleaning service after you have had a professional decluttering. 

Here are some of our favorite local organizers to help you minimize junk and maximize your space:

For ongoing cleaning, consider hiring a trusted local cleaning service such as Polished Cleaning or Witches Broom.

Donate where it counts in Fort Worth

One of the most satisfying aspects of decluttering can be seeing items that were lurking unused in your closets or garage put to good use by others, so consider donating your gently used items to a local Fort Worth charity or community organization. Many of them will even do free pick-ups!

Spring forward with renewed confidence

Cleaning and tidying can potentially transform your living space and revitalize your spirit, but you can refresh your personal aesthetic with much less effort, and spring is the perfect time to do so!

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